Our Team
60+ years combined experience delivering solutions to mission-driven agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector organizations. 
Principal Consultant
Stacey Howard, PMP

Stacey Howard has spent the past 20 years delivering technical communication and management solutions to federal agencies and global organizations like CDC and Cisco. She delivers impactful, award-winning solutions spanning public health, human trafficking prevention, policy, software implementation and cybersecurity.

Senior Consultant
Andre Brown, MPH

Andre Brown has spent the past 20 years delivering communication and management solutions in the public and private sector. Andre is instrumental in successfully launching non-profit and community-based organizations. He is passionate about contributing to underserved communities and closing the digital divide. 

Senior Consultant
Kayla Brown, PhD

Kayla Brown has more than a decade of experience developing public health messaging and compelling publications, web content, proposals, and grants for IT companies, state governments and nonprofits -spanning public health, internet of everything, cloud computing and internet security.